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TP Links : Create Your Own South Park Character Avatar

It all began one day when i was on facebook and i saw this guy’s avatar and it had  a cool South Park’ish look to it. I decided to get one of those for myself and here’s what i come up with.

If you have never heard of South Park then i suggest that you stop living under that rock and move out and get this and if you are a fan, i’m sure you would have wanted to have an avatar for yourself which looked like a South Park character for your facebook page or the forum that you are a member of. 

Anyways here goes…The steps to creating your own SP Avatar Online are very simple: Go to one of the links i give below, then Start by choosing face color and gesture, skin and hair, then go to dress. Select favorite outfit (both ladies and men suits are available). Once you’re done with that, explore the section of “things” to get them, like jewelry, accessories like glasses, Wings, weapons, or if you want to change the shirt design.

The places to go are : 

1. http://www.southparkstudios.com/avatar/ ( Recommended since ithe site belongs to the creators of SP )

2. http://www.sp-studio.de/

here are some of the really good ones for inspiration : 

SP done in different Forms (Click to Enlarge)

SP done Prison Break Style (Click to Enlarge)

You have a lot of options to create your own andonce created you can save them and use them as your profile pic on whatever Social Networking sites you use or the forum you are a member of.

Not to mention that it is great fun!!!! Also this site is accessible from my work place and so i can do both Work and Play!!! 😀

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