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Recover Broken MP3 Files

May 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Scenario : A Music file of yours suddenly has choppy sound or doesn’t play at all, and it also happens that sometimes you cannot add a collection of songs to iTunes.

Solution : One of the causes of the above problem is that some of your audio files are broken. Most of these errors have to do with so-called MP3 tags but they aren’t limited to the name of the artist and the album release year, but also contain critical technical information, like MPEG stream and Xing header data. When these don’t match up or there’s garbage at the beginning or end of the file, some MP3 players will get confused and not play them properly.

This is not something new, there are a lot of audio applications that are essentially flawed. They seem to work great, and may continue to do so, but under the surface they transfer little quirks and errors to the files they’re handling in your music collection. You’d be surprised how many of your files are already affected.

Luckily, many of these errors stay below the radar, and these files will continue to play as if nothing were wrong. Depending on how grave the particular distortion is, it might be easy to solve, or not at all. I present to you 2 options to fix them :  Read more…

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