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Flickr Downloader BETA : Testers Wanted

Okay guys, I know that I have been MIA for some time now but that is because I have been working on a project which I am very happy to present to you.

As you all know that Flickr.com (pronounced “flicker”) is an image hosting and video hosting website, and web services suite that is a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, and effectively an online community. With a total of 87 million registered members and more than 3.5 million new images uploaded daily, flickr.com is one of the biggest source of beautiful images.

I am a regular user of flickr.com and there are some users whose albums I like and would like to download but the sheer number of images in those users albums make it next to impossible to download. Flickr.com does provide a way to download images from a set but you can only download one image at a time and if the set in question has more than 200 – 300 images then you can imagine the “fun” you will have downloading each image one at a time.

Plagued with this problem, i decided to do what is do best and approach this problem programatically and came up with Flickr downloadr (deja vu!!!). Before i explain what the downloader is about, i would like you to be aware that the downloader is currently in BETA and i’m releasing this to users to understand user requirements and to make any changes as applicable. The app is nearly fully functional and free of bugs(as much as i could test) but it might be possible that some have escaped me.

Flickr Downloadr - About

Ok, with that out of the way, let me explain what Flickr Downloadr will do. This app will allow you to search any and all albums listed against a user or present in a certain url. Once it has presented you with set, you can download any image(s) that you like or if you want, you can just download the entire set (no holds barred!!!). If the image exists against the user, you can have it!!! And to do so, you only need to know either the username or the set url or the user url and the app will do the rest.

Flickr Downloadr - Settings


When you first run the app, you will be provided with the settings menu where you can select the download location and the quality of the images you want. once selected, you will see the UI as shown below, Now, I have tried to make the UI intuitive and easy to use. All you need to do is add the url in the textbox and press enter. You will be presented with a listing of all the albums in the users set( Flickr Set Listr ). Hovering over the image will provide you with two options : either open the images present in the set in the adjacent panel to make individual selection or to download the entire set.

Flickr Downloadr - Listr

If you select the listing of the set, you will be taken to the adjacent panel ( Flickr Set Viewr) where you can select individual images just by clicking on them. Click on the image once to add the image to the download list and click again to remove it. Do note that selecting an image will immediately add it to the download list and begin downloading (if download slots are available). Same applies to the download of complete sets. You can watch the progress of these downloads in the Flickr Progressr window and even remove images from there if you change your mind.

Flickr Downloadr - Viewr


Flickr Downloadr - Downloadr

One of the most salient feature of Flickr Downloadr(or so i think) is its ability to download various sizes(resolutions of the same image) side by side. All you have to do is select the sets that you want to download and then go to settings to change the image size. Once you have set the desired resolution go once again to the set and add it to the download list. Do note that this feature is only available if you want to download entire sets and won’t exactly work smoothly from the individual image selection screen.

So thats it, hope you like the tool and it suits your needs. If you would like to request some features to be added to the tool or require some feature to be modified, let me know. Also, if you encounter any bugs, contact me with the following details : Your System config, the Flickr URL/username you were trying to download and the error (if any) that was given to you. Thats it, Hope you enjoy this tool!!! Happy Downloading!!!

[ Download Link ]

  1. the flying yeti
    October 19, 2014 at 1:46 am

    Thanks man s awesome tool…. Really like it

  2. Flickr Lover
    November 15, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    This is just so lovely….and so very useful…i can now download all images from flickr….thanks a lot man.

  3. ZombieWidBrains
    December 1, 2014 at 10:28 am

    Useful app!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Mr.Syn
    July 21, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    This is awesome!!! Thanks man!!!

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