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Unable to drag and drop any files

July 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Scenario : You click on a file and try to drag it to drop it into an application but you are unable to do so. Try as much as you may, you are not able to drag it. What do you do ??

Solution : You tried to drag a file into an application but it just does not allow you to do so. You try to drag a window, it does not allow you to do so too. You can click and select the file, you can also resize the window but you cannot drag anything. What do you do ??

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.chm file : This program cannot display the webpage error

May 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Scenario : You downloaded a chm file from the internets and when you try to open it, you see the file opening but the content shows “This program cannot display the webpage”. How do you view it ??

Solution : While this is a common problem for those who download .chm files but who does nowadays, right ?? Anyways, When you try to open the file it will open but the pages that will be displayed will have the ‘This program cannot display the webpage’ error as shown below :

Cannot open .chm file error

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Always Start Task manager in admin mode

April 20, 2014 2 comments

Scenario : You start task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar or by pressing Alt-Ctrl-Del but it always starts in standard mode and does not show processes from all users. You have to click on the button to make it show all and that too, you want the setting to be retained every time you start Task Manager.

Solution : By default, Task Manager does not start in admin mode. When you launch it, it usually starts as shown below and you have to click on the ‘Show processes from all users’ button to show all the processes. While this does work, it does not always start the task manager showing these processes so what do you do ??
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Mass unblock Files – remove “This file came from another computer…” warnings

July 16, 2012 22 comments

Scenario : You have downloaded a file online and now whenever you try to run it, you get a security warning. You want to remove the notification from that file and a bunch of other files but do not want to do it one by one.

Solution : On Windows OS, you will find that when you download files to your local drive, they are not trusted until you go to properties and click the ‘Unblock’ button. This is OK for one or maybe two files but more than that and it goes into the “Micro$oft $ucks for not thinking about this feature” zone……and this happens to me more often than not. Usually, I download the usual libs and binaries from sites that I trust. I download it via my browser and open the files from within it, at this point I most likely dont know where the file was downloaded and if it was a zip where i had extracted it. So now if i’m stopped by windows at every step, I get really pissed at it because there is no simple way to unblock all files in a directory tree.

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Bypass ISP’s blocking certain websites.

April 8, 2012 11 comments

It all began the day i moved on to hathway as my ISP, it offers me a great plan but there are certain t&c’s which i came to know recently, it blocks access to certain sites….torrent sites before any of you gets any ideas 🙂

Just bcos the plan they offer is unlimited, they think that they can block access to torrent sites which might limit our usage. Ifthey thought that they would be able to do that then they are so wrong….there are many ways to bypass that like using Proxy sites, proxy addresses, VPNNetworks but i will share with you one way which is the easiest and which helped me. 

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Clearing up Space in Windows

February 13, 2012 5 comments

Disclaimer: I’m in no way responsible for what you do to your system, this is ONLY for advanced users who know a little about windows and computers and can reinstall/repair a windows installation if necessary. This has worked for me wonderfully and hopefully will for you to!

 NOTE: When I tell you, it’s safe to delete the folder, it means the contents of the folder, DO NOT GO ABOUT DELETING ENTIRE FOLDERS

It all began one day when I was helping a client optimize his system(Yes,….one of the things I do….) and I noticed that his C: Drive was nearly full. The size of the C Drive was 40 GB and nearly 1.3 remained. My client was “Technologically Challenged” (:)), so I doubt that he might have done some installation which might have eaten so much of his space. So I helped him recover space using the methods I document below so that they are useful to you too.

I analyzed the Client machine using a tool called “windirstat”. It showed me a graphical Structure of the files which were very large in size. I am showing you the list of files/folders which occupied a large space on that PC or contained unwanted files and whether you should attempt to remove them or not and if possible why.

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A ‘No to all’ button in Windows

February 9, 2012 1 comment

It all began the day when i was trying to copy a very huge folder with over 1000’s of files and trying to copy it into an already existing folder with a different structure or so i thought. It all began nice and easy but then it hit a reef. It encountered a folder with the same name, containing files with same name but the contents of those files were entirely different and showed me a dialog asking me whether i want to overwrite the files or let it be. It provided me with the options of ‘Yes’, ‘Yes to All’, ‘No’ or ‘Cancel’

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