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Know your Keyboard Function Keys

Note : This post is Specific to Windows 7 but its functions might overlap with previous Versions, namely XP

It all began when i was bored to death and had nothing better to do so i decided to do some productive work(?!?!?!) and this is what i come up with !! 😀

Do you really know the use of all the keys on your keyboard ?? If not all, then do you know what the Function keys are there for ?? Function Keys you ask ??? they are the “F” Keys on your keyboard like “F1”, “F2”, “F3”, aso


Not only windows 7 but, in almost all the applications, pressing the F1 function key opens the Help and Support page which contains useful information about how to use the product.

Some more combinations : 

Suppose you are in an application, and you want windows help file, press windows key + F1
SHIFT + F1 = Start context-sensitive help or reveal formatting (What is this? help)
ALT + F1 = Go to the next field
ALT + SHIFT + F1 = Go to the previous field
CTRL + ALT + F1 = Display Microsoft system information
For formatting characters and paragraphs: CTRL + SHIFT + F1 = Change the font

F2 (Rename Files and Folders)

Select a file or folder in windows and press F2 to rename it. An useful addition to Windows 7 , if you have configured folder settings to show file extensions always.

Some more combinations : 

SHIFT + F2 = Copy Text
CTRL + F2 = Choose the print preview command (file menu)
ALT + SHIFT + F2 = Choose the save command (file menu)
CTRL + ALT + F2 = Choose the open command (file menu)

F3 (Search)

Acc to me, One of the best feature of Windows 7 is its search which is so awesome that i have yet to find a person to criticise it. 

F4 (Select Address bar, Show Folder Path)

Quite useful if you use IE browser. Simply press F4 to select address bar and type a new URL. In windows explorer pressing F4 shows you the Folder Path instead of the breadcrumbs.

Some more combinations : 

If you want to close the selected window, press ALT + F4. Also, When no windows are open if you press ALT + F4, you will see the shut down screen.

F5 (Refresh)

Press F5 to refresh a webpage(in a browser) and updates folder contents (in Explorer or Desktop).

F6 (Toggle Elements)

Just like using the tab key, pressing F6 cycles through all the elements in the active explorer window. Select an element and press Enter to activate it.

F7( Not useful in Explorer)

Users have no use of this key in Windows. But in MS Word, if you press this key, you will get spelling command (Tools menu), like 

SHIFT + F7 = Thesaurus
CTRL + SHIFT + F7 = Update linked information
ALT + F7 = Find the next grammatical error.


When you press this key while booting the system, you will get the start up menu but no use as such on Explorer.

F9 ( This key also does not have any use in Explorer as of now)

F10 (Display Menu Bar in Windows 7)

By default, the so useful menu bar is not visible in windows 7. Press F10 (or just click on “ALT” key once) to activate the menu bar. This also applies to almost all applications.

F11 (View FullScreen Mode)

Most programs have a full screen mode. Press F11 to activate the fullscreen mode in applications. Works in windows explorer too. This mode is otherwise called ‘KIOSK’ mode.

F12 ( This key also does not have any use in Explorer as of now)

Windows Users have no use of this key. But in MS Word it can be used to access the Save as command in File menu.
SHIFT + F12 = Save command (File menu).
CTRL + F12   = Open command (File menu).
CTRL + SHIFT +F12 = print command (File menu)

Hope this helps you know your keyboard better!!! 🙂

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