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Phishing : An Exercise

NOTE : Be Careful of Such Mails and Sites. Do not enter any Bank Details in any such site.

It all began one day when i got a mail as shown below….

I had got this mail some time back but i have kept a record of it for sharing with others, so there is a chance that the link might not be available anymore.

Now, As soon as I got this mail, i knew it was a fake cos i do not earn as of yet and hence do not pay taxes and hence there is no chance of getting a refund but just from the point of view of experience i decided to try and see what would come up. So i clicked on the link ” CLICK HERE”.

Clicking on the link “CLICK HERE” took me to


It looks like a fishy website, as IT Dept websites will always have https or .in or .gov in the web address. (First Lesson!!!!)

Selecting a bank redirects you to a page that looks like the actual page. I selected HDFC Bank.

Do note that no matter which bank you select, it will take you to respective Bank’s Homepage but the web url address stills remains  beauxartsschool.com.

I hope this article helps you be careful against Phishing. If not, don’t worry i have some more interesting things for you lined up. Keep reading!!!!

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