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Clearing up Space in Windows

February 13, 2012 5 comments

Disclaimer: I’m in no way responsible for what you do to your system, this is ONLY for advanced users who know a little about windows and computers and can reinstall/repair a windows installation if necessary. This has worked for me wonderfully and hopefully will for you to!

 NOTE: When I tell you, it’s safe to delete the folder, it means the contents of the folder, DO NOT GO ABOUT DELETING ENTIRE FOLDERS

It all began one day when I was helping a client optimize his system(Yes,….one of the things I do….) and I noticed that his C: Drive was nearly full. The size of the C Drive was 40 GB and nearly 1.3 remained. My client was “Technologically Challenged” (:)), so I doubt that he might have done some installation which might have eaten so much of his space. So I helped him recover space using the methods I document below so that they are useful to you too.

I analyzed the Client machine using a tool called “windirstat”. It showed me a graphical Structure of the files which were very large in size. I am showing you the list of files/folders which occupied a large space on that PC or contained unwanted files and whether you should attempt to remove them or not and if possible why.

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