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Batman Arkham Asylum problems

September 28, 2011 69 comments

Scenario : You have acquired the highly anticipated game – Batman Arkham Asylum and can’t wait to install it. But after installation, the game does not work and you are encountering various Problems. Googling does not provide you any solutions. Even the eidos Forum do not help.

Solution : I know…..this game was released in 2009 and i am a “bit” late in posting but i acquired this game recently and ran into the below errors for which i had to google 2 days to get a solution.

For those who still do not know, Batman : Arkham Asylum, written by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini, is based on the long-running comic book mythos. The story goes as follows : Joker, Batman’s arch enemy, has instigated an elaborate plot from within Arkham Asylum, where many of Batman’s other villains have been incarcerated. Batman investigates and comes to learn that the Joker is trying to create an army of Bane-like creatures to threaten Gotham City, and is forced to put a stop to the Joker’s plans.

The game received high praise from critics, earning a 92% average on GameRankings, a game review aggregator. The game also holds a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’, with an average score of 91.67 from reviewers. Several awards were given to Arkham Asylum, including a Spike Video Game Award and the Best Game BAFTA Award. A sequel, Batman: Arkham City, is going to be released soon.

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