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TED V3.0 : The TEDinator

July 1, 2012 111 comments

Sometime back…..I gave you a sneak preview of the new version of TED Downloader (is, has and always shall be free :)) which i was working on. I am happy to say that i have completed my work on it and now i can introduce you to the finished product, that is “The TEDinator” (I can never get tired of that :)). 

I went through a lot (and i mean a lot!!!) of your suggestions(listed below) and implemented those that i could. Here is the changelog :

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TED-inator : A Preview

April 4, 2012 1 comment

OK…i know it has been some time since i have posted anything…but i recently switched jobs, had certain responsibilities, some projects and as always….TED Downloader to occupy me. But now i have sorted out a major part of my stuff and i can hope to post more frequently. Anyways, moving on with the post…

Ladies and Gentleman, i would like to introduce you to someone very special…..the TED-inator (pronounced TED-EEhn-na-TOR), the only inator which does not do Evil.(for all P&F fans out there).

Here is a sneak developer preview to the latest version of TED Downloader which has been christened ” The TED-inator’. Don’t worry, i have taken all your feedback’s, requests, reviews and demands into consideration.

Here are the screens :

Do let me know what you think, any additions and subtractions are welcome. I am currently working on downloading subtitles module but pretty soon, it will be finished and you will have the complete package that is “The TED-inator” *bum bum bum bum*

Download Videos from TED Version 2

December 1, 2011 13 comments

Scenario contd. : You are a huge fan of TED and would like to download the inspirational videos. But the site allows you to download one video at a time, You want something which can download the videos in a more better way.

Solution contd. : I have already introduced you to TED Downloader Version 1 which allowed you to download all the videos at once. Finally as promised, based on your suggestions(Thank you for those 🙂 ), i have been able to release the next version of TED Downloader.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you the new, improved and highly customised Version : TED Downloader Version 2.

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Download videos from TED

November 10, 2011 39 comments

Scenario : You are a huge fan of TED and would like to download the inspirational videos. But the site allows you to download one video at a time, You want something which can download all the videos at once.

Solution : Here is the Reply to your Problem. I’m sure many of you know what TED is. For those of you who do not know what TED is, go here :

TED is a wonderful site which contains riveting talks by remarkable people which is available free to the world. It really consists of Ideas worth Spreading.

Now if you want to download videos from their site, you have to download the videos one by one. There is no option to download all videos at once. If you Google for a TED Downloader, you will hardly find anything…so here is a way to finally download those videos.

I present to you…The TED Downloader.

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