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TED-inator : A Preview

OK…i know it has been some time since i have posted anything…but i recently switched jobs, had certain responsibilities, some projects and as always….TED Downloader to occupy me. But now i have sorted out a major part of my stuff and i can hope to post more frequently. Anyways, moving on with the post…

Ladies and Gentleman, i would like to introduce you to someone very special…..the TED-inator (pronounced TED-EEhn-na-TOR), the only inator which does not do Evil.(for all P&F fans out there).

Here is a sneak developer preview to the latest version of TED Downloader which has been christened ” The TED-inator’. Don’t worry, i have taken all your feedback’s, requests, reviews and demands into consideration.

Here are the screens :

Do let me know what you think, any additions and subtractions are welcome. I am currently working on downloading subtitles module but pretty soon, it will be finished and you will have the complete package that is “The TED-inator” *bum bum bum bum*

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