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Identify Unknown FileTypes

Scenario : You received a file through mail from your friend. But your friend while renaming it, removed the extension. What do you do ?? You tried various known extensions like .rar,.zip,.doc,.xls but none of them work. How do you find the correct extension for it.

Solution : This recently happened to me when a friend sent me a mail containing a file with no extension, I tried the above extensions but could not get any result and i wanted to know what it was. 

I had previously downloaded a tool called IDENTIFY which i had not had a chance to use, So i thought what better time than this.  Have a look at the UI.

I just had to browse to the file via the menu under File and it identified it easily as a .jpg file which i had not tried.

Its a quite simple and straightforward Utility.

[ Download IDENTIFY ]

  1. Jhonny jonas
    January 29, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Please, keep sharingmore stuff like this its intresting!!

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