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Tech News : Google Adds Graphing Functionality To Search Results

Remember back when you were in School, you had to deal with Functions….yeah those pesky little pipsqueaks for which you had to manually draw all those graphs.After reading this news, you will be wishing that you had this functionality back then….

So what is this exactly ?? In short, it’s a simple way to plot numerous mathematical functions and you can do it right on Google.com’s search results.

How to do it ?? Simple just go to Google.com and type in the function of your choice in the search box(You might have to write two or more sometimes). I wrote ” x^2, x*4, cos(x+1) “. Instantly, an interactive graph will pop up, complete with zoom buttons, pan options and the ability to see the x and y values for every single dot on the function’s line as can be seen in the image below. Do note that the different functions will be presented in different colors, and you can switch between them using the dropdown menu on the right.

Whether you’re a hardcore math lover, an unwilling student, or just curious to see how even mathematical functions can be fun to play with, head over to Google.com and give it a try.

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