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Play Angry Birds on any Web Page

Oh No!!!!!!!!!!! The green pigs stole the birds’ eggs and they have hidden them inside their castle!!!!!!!  The birds are pissed and are all set to destroy the castles and the hiding-pigs. Boy, Is revenge sweet ??

This is not some stupid sci-fi story that i’m cooking up but the plot of the original Angry Birds game that, i’m sure, most of you may have played. Nokia Argentina (You wont be able to make sense of the page cos its in whatever language the Argentinians speak….too lazy to Google *sheepish smile*….unless you live in Argentina that is…) has created a very different and must say quite engaging version of the Angry Birds game where the main characters – the birds and the villain pigs – are the same but instead of castles, the green pigs are now hiding on the favorite web pages behind the various HTML Elements.

How to do it ?? Simple. Just save the below code as a bookmark-let in your bookmarks toolbar, then open any website and press the bookmark-let. Your page will be magically transformed(and by magic, i mean java script) to the arena for an angry bird anger outburst. Now use your mouse to strike the pigs and see how the various elements of the page – like the text and images – fall. Good fun!

javascript:var s = document.createElement(‘script’);s.type=’text/javascript’;document.body.appendChild(s);

This reminds me too much of the Destroy the Web game that was a rage sometime back!!!

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