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How to extract music file from pps

September 3, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Scenario : It happens many a times that you come across a power point file which has a really good music playing along with slide show. How can you copy just the music from it ?? 

Solution : Don’t Worry!!! As always i will help you find a way…

I had come across such a file and it had the most amazing music ever but i was not able to extract the file. I opened the file using Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 and searched for the music file but it was not to be seen anywhere. I even tried to save it as and older filetype (.ppt, the file was originally in .pps), Still no go. I was experimenting with saving it as different file types when i came across “save the powerpoint file as html”.

And Guess what ?!?!?! It Worked!!!!

Saving the PowerPoint file as .html creates a single HTML file using the name you just specified say “ppt.html”. Also, It creates a new folder called “ppt_files” inside which you will find all the files related to that presentation and among them will be the sounds and original image files from your presentation. And it was there that i found the music file  i wanted so badly.

To summarize, the steps are :

1. Open the Powerpoint file in MS Powerpoint

2. Save the file as .html File.

3. Browse the folder “YourfileName_files”, there you will find the music file. Now ain’t that Sweet ??

Also, One more method would be to use audacity to record the audio by playing the presentation on your PC. Hey, Its good to have options. Right ??

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