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Change Paint’s Default Savetype as jpeg : An Experiment

Scenario : This must have happened a lot of times with you. You take a screenshot of something and then go to save it in MS Paint, but on saving, you come to know that it has been saved as .bmp file but you want it as .jpg. So you again go to “save as” and save it as .jpg. Boy it sure feels tiring!!! Any way to make it simpler such that it by default saves it as .jpg/.jpeg ??

Solution : I wish the answer was something as simple as making a setting change or even modifying the registry (Simple!!!). but unfortunately, no, there is no simple way to do this other than making a few tweaks of our own. And that too varies from Windows version (i.e. XP and Win 7).

Like i said, there are different ways to get this in Win PX and Win 7 (though not for Vista cos they already have jpeg as default type(one of the few good things bout Vista ;P)). I will show you how to get the default savetype for each version so read on…

 For XP :

a) Open a blank screen in Paint and save it as a .jpg in the location you want as your default with the name “default.jpg”.

b) Right click and drag the Paint program from the Start, Programs, Accessories location onto the desktop and select copy here.

c) Right click on the Paint icon and then left click Properties. You should see a line like this “%SystemRoot%\system32\mspaint.exe” (without the quotes.)

d) Place the cursor after the .exe and type a space and then type the full path and filename for the default.jpg file you saved (if there is any spaces in the path you need to enclose anything you type in quotes. The final line should look like this %SystemRoot%\system32\mspaint.exe “C:\this is the path here\default.jpg”

f) Click OK. Double click on the new desktop icon, the file will open and the Save As default location will be where the file is located. If you make the default.jpg READ ONLY, you won’t inadvertently change the file and a Save As will then pop up for any attempt to save.

Note : Do not delete the file created on the desktop as default.jpg as it wil bring you back to square one.

Admitted that it is a rather crude method but hey, it works and something is better than nothing. Trust me, i have tried lots of things(including 3 days of internet searching) but i have not been able to get a satisfactory method other than the one said above. The only thing i can go for now is using Resource hacker and modifying the .exe file. I will post if i get through with it :).

Now Win7 Users have got it much simpler bcos of the presence of the Quick Access Toolbar. Here’s how it goes :

a) Open PAINT, then click the BLUE drop down box in the top left hand corner of the screen (this is the box that gives the drop down options for saving a file).

b) Now click “Save as” and a selection of save as formats including JPEG will appear to the right. Move your cursor over the JPEG option and right click the option.

c)  Three options will be presented, click (select) the top option which says “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”.

This creates a new ICON at the top of the paint screen next to the DO and UNDO arrows (icons). Now in future when you want to save anything as JPEG simply click this new icon (rather than the blue drop down box) and the normal save screen will open with JPEG as the DEFAULT. Enjoy 🙂

Know of any more methods ?? Let me know in the comments….

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