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Collect System Info and more with Kaspersky GSI

Today i am going to show you how to use a tool which has been useful to me not only for getting System Information but also to analyse possible Problems in my PC.

Kaspersky Get System Info (GSI) is a very Useful tool that can be used to not only collect system information but also to troubleshoot technical issues. It can be used to detect incompatible software, possible malware on your computer, and also detect program errors. 

You can say that GSI is something like HijackThis in the sense that it scans your computer and creates a log file. The log file contains an XML formatted data pertaining to your PC. It will be a bit hard to analyse it yourself as it is huge but then thats why we have the online GSI parser, it takes all of the information in the log file and parses into easily readable tab form online. This functionality means that users with limited computer experience can trouble shoot an issue on their own.

It is really Very easy to analyse your PC using GSI. Here’s what you need to do : 

1. Download the latest version(latest is 4.1 for XP and above) of Kaspersky GSI. (Click on the Download Link at the top and Select as per the version of your OS)

2. Run GSI and create a report log file. By default, the settings are set to collect recommended information from the system. But you can change that by going into Settings and manually changing the scan criteria.

3. It might take some time to scan the System and once you are done,  You have to Upload the file to GSI Parser. Within a few seconds, GSI Parser will show you the details of your PC in a readable format.

Note : If you are scanning your System for malwares, change the settings to the highest.

Visit Kaspersky GSI Parser ]

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