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Get the New Google Plus Theme for your Gmail Inbox

The last few days have been really hectic for all the Google Obsessed geeks, courtesy of the new Google+ launch. This launch has also inspired a lot of changes in the main Google Interface which i am sure all of you will have noticed by now.

If you liked the new appearance and would like to use it for your own GMail Inbox, here is a way to do it.

Vamp up your Gmail Inbox

Getting this new look is very easy because it is a custom theme for your Gmail account already available to all GMail Users. Here’s how you activate it : 

Step 1 : Go to your Mail Settings (The gear icon at the top right).

Step 2 : Click on the “Themes” tab.

Step 3 : In that tab, Search for two themes (they will be the last 2 mostly) named Preview and Preview (Dense). These are the 2 new Gmail themes that resemble the Google+ interface. Click to select any one.

The “Preview” themes make your Gmail interface look like Google+ and has some added features like you can search both your emails or the web directly from the search bar.

The New Google Plus Style Search Interface

The new interfaces look really cool and elegant. Also, thanks to Google+, I’m sure there will be some new stuff coming our way. So, lots of new things to try out in the coming days.

Update : As you all know Google has also updated their search interface to match the new Google+ design. But if you dont like it and want your Old look back, go to google.com/ncr to reset it.

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    July 3, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    I’m really amazed by this blog. Tons of useful posts and info on here. Thumbs up,

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