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List of all installed Codecs on your Windows

Scenario : You constantly get issues with your Codecs. You want to know which Codecs have been installed on your Win7 PC.

Solution : I was recently facing some issues with my installed Codecs, So i tried to find out which codecs were installed on my PC. Sure, in XP it is simple, but its not so simple in Win7. 

Still here are all the ways to find out a list of all the Audio and Video Codecs installed on your Windows.

1. Through the Control Panel

Note : This only works for XP.

a. Click the START button and find the Control Panel.
b. Click on the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties icon, select the Hardware tab and highlight (click on) VIDEO CODECS. Then push Properties button and select the PROPERTIES tab to view installed codecs.

c. Double-click a codec to see its corresponding properties. If a particular codec has any options that can be customized, you will see these options when you double click the codec name.
Do the same thing for Audio Codecs but select AUDIO CODECS in Hardware tab. 

2. Through MSINFO Utility (for all Windows)

a. Go to Run and type “MSINFO32”.
b. Expand the Components  Link and below it, Expand Multimedia and there it is…the list of all codecs under audio and video.
Do Note that this method works on Windows 7.

3. Through Media Player

a. Open Windows Media Player
b. Press the ALT key to access the menus dropdown.
c. Follow “Help”->”About Windows Media Player”
d. Click on the “Technical Support Information” link in the About Window
e. It will generate a browser window showing the list of codecs on your PC.

That’s It! Hope this list of methods helps you.

Till then…Stay Sharp!!!!

  1. terry
    May 8, 2014 at 3:56 am

    This is the first site that has properly explained how to find the codecs properly. Thanks!

  2. Rick
    February 8, 2016 at 1:33 am

    opt #2 and #3 only show 63 bit codec …. (they only list for system32) What about 32 bit codecs, many video apps need 32 bit codecs … so also need to be able to list those

    • February 8, 2016 at 10:05 pm

      at the time the post was posted, that method worked for both “64” and 32-bit for XP and 7…am not sure about win 8 and 10…you will have to give me some more info than just that to help you…

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