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Remove Windows Defender

Scenario : You recently switched to Windows 7. Your Antivirus application is however having issues with Windows Defender. How do you uninstalll it ?? Windows Defender, that is.

Solution : Windows Defender is Microsoft’s own anti-spyware application included, and integrated, with Windows Vista and 7. Unfortunately most of the times, it is not compatible with your existing Antivirus and the only alternative you have is to remove it. However, it is not possible to completely uninstall the program safely, but a safer option would be to turn it off , just in case you want to use it again at a later date.

Here are the steps to disable it : 

1. Click Start, in the search box type “Windows Defender” and click on it to launch it.

2. After that click on Tools in the window and then on Options.

3. In the panel on the left, click Administrator and you should then see a checkbox which says Use this program. Simply uncheck it, and click Save.

If all goes well you should see a dialog pop-up notifying you that defender has been disabled.

That should have done it, but its “Microsoft” so there is a chance that defender might not have been disabled. So  just to be safe we’re going to disable the service itself as well. To do that :

1. Click Start and in the search box, type “services“ . Click on the result that aapears.

2. Scroll down in the services window until you find Windows Defender, right click and Select Properties.

3.  In the box that appears Startup type should already be set to Manual but you’ll have to change it to Disabled.

Ideally, that should end it but still there is a chance that the next time you boot up your PC, Windows might try to start up Windows Defender and in that case you’re likely to get a few nasty errors cos you’ve knocked the service out.

To Solve this problem, in case it arises, Go to Start menu type “msconfig” into the search box. This should launch theMicrosoft Configuration Utility. Find Startup tab and look for Windows Defender and if you find it, uncheck it and click OK.

Thats it!!! Finally, you have stopped the Windows Defender service and prevented it ever starting up again. Now go and look for a decent anti-spyware application to replace it.

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