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Remove applications from the Right-click Menu – 2

Scenario Contd. : You have noticed that your Context menu has grown too long with options that are not useful to you. Also sometimes clicking on the folder causes your system to hang for atleast 5-10 seconds. What to do ??

Solution Contd. : This is a continuation of my last post. In it we discussed how we get such cluttered menus and now we will discuss how to remove them. There are two parts to it but both deal with having to modify the registry.

Woah There !!!! Did you say registry ?!?!?!?! Is it necessary ?? Yes, I know that many ppl get scared when we are talking about registry because registry is the core of our system. If we messing up the registry, we are actually messing up our operating system. Therefore, please make a backup of your registry before you continue. You don’t want to reformat your PC do you?

To edit the right-click menu, go to Start > Run and type “regedit” (without the quotes). Then click Ok. As said before, of the two parts, the first part is about to remove the applications from files context menu and the second part is to remove the applications from the folder context menu.

Part 1: Files context menu

While you are in the Registry Editor, go to


You will see something like this

These are the applications that you see when you right click a file. Now at this point, you can either delete the specific unwanted application folder or you can just disable them. I would recommend just disabling  jic you want it back in sometime in the future.

To disable the application, click on the application folder and in the key panel, right click the key name and choose Modify. Let say that the Value Data is like this


What you need to do is just add a minus (-) in front of the value like this


Click Ok, refresh and try right clicking on any file. You will see that the unwanted application has been removed from the context menu. Yayness!!!

Part 2: Folders context menu

How about for the folder? The steps are the same but the directory to the shell extension is different. You need to go to this tree,


Here, you will see the applications that attached on the context menu. You can either delete the application folder or just disable like you did for the files.

In the key panel, right click the key name, choose Modify and add the minus in front of the value. Click Okand refresh. Now right click on any folder and there application has gone from the right click menu.

This covers just one part, there is more coming your way, so sit tight and Stay Sharp!!!!


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