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QTTabbar – A must have Add-on for Explorer

Scenario : You find that Windows Explorer is not enough and feel that it leaves a lot to be desired like tabs.

Solution : Enter QTTabbar. QTTabBar is a wonderful shell extension adding tabs and many other features to Windows Explorer.

Some of its Features are :

  • Ability to see the Entire Folder Tree
  • Adds Multiple Tabs
  • Ability to Lock Tabs to a specific Folder
  • Various Functionalities like Generating Hashes, etc.
  • Works in Windows 7 as well

There are many more but you have to install it to actually appreciate them. Once you install it, you can add it to Windows Explorer by going to “View -> Toolbars” menu or by right-clicking on Menubar and selecting the option.

In the past, “QTTabBar” was developed only for Windows XP andVista users. I remember that it used to be the first program i installed on all my new XP installs, I was actually disappointed when i switched to Win 7 and there was no QTTabBar for it because its development was stopped by the developer, but now a new version of QTTabBar is available for download which comes with lots of new improvements and support for Windows 7 as well.

The current version released is Beta 1 .The extension was initially written by a Japanese developer known as “Quizo” and now its being updated by “Paul Accisano”.

[ Download QTTabBar]

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