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Windows Explorer Probs : Close All Not-Responding Applications with a Single Click

Scenario : You are working on your Windows OS and Suddenly due to no fault of yours the System Hangs and stops responding to your actions. How do you easily isolate the non responsive program and kill it ??

Solution : Anyone who has never faced this problem, raise your hands!!!! :). From time to time Wndows OS screws up, and gets stuck on some non-responsive program that refuses to go away. Any user of Windows will vouch for it, that one crashed/hung application results in the whole ‘explorer.exe’ process going down, sometimes even leading to the dreaded BSOD ( blue-screen-of-death).

Though With Win7,  Microsoft has managed to resolve these issues fairly well. But still Win7 does tend to crash, and applications do become unresponsive, or get hung up, though not as often(Thats the Saving Grace!!!!). At such times, the user is left with the only solution of having to open task manager, kill the non-responsive application and then  restart it. Simple enough ??

But what if your system hangs up with all applicatons nonresponsive and task manager refuses to open. What do you do ??

At such times the command prompt shell comes in handy. To make the System responsive, we are going to use the ‘taskkill’ command.

The exact command to use is :

taskkill /f /fi “status eq not responding”

The way this command is to be used is to open command prompt ( Open run and type “cmd” ) and enter the above command to kill the non-responsive process.

However, If the System is unresponsive and task manager is not opening, the chances of command prompt opening also become less ( Also its hard to remember such a long command :;) ). So a more ingenious and quick way to utilize this would be to create a shortcut—just right-click anywhere and choose New Shortcut. Once you’re there, drop the full command into the location box. Give it an icon and put the shortcut somewhere, and you’re all done. In Win7 you can add the file to your taskbar and a single click will be enough to do the trick.

So the next time a process hangs, simply double-click the file to execute the command an viola, the sytem will become responsive pronto!!!!! Now you can kill everything in one shortcut, with no added software!

This method works with all versions above and including XP.

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