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Read and extract data from .NBU Nokia Backup Files

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Note : This article is specific to Nokia Mobile Phones only.

Scenario : You own a Nokia Phone. You have created a Backup for it. Now you want to restore some part of the data. But doing so deletes your existing data and you want to restore just a part of it.

Solution: If you have a Nokia mobile phone and have ever backed up data from your phone on to your PC using PC Suite, you’d have faced this problem some time or the other. Cos the problem is that if you try to restore it will overwrite your data and you cant restore just parts of that data. Also there is no way inside PC Suite to see what data is contained inside the backup file( in case you have multiple backup files created).

What I am trying to say is : You can create a backup and restore it completely to your phone afterward. But you just can’t read an individual SMS message, contacts list data, graphic or theme from that backup. That means it’s pretty useless from one point of view. You could even face problems if you try to restore the backup to a phone of a different model.

Is there any way out of this, you ask? Well, there is. Thanks to a third party software calledNoki, it’s possible to view individual graphics, messages, drafts, contacts and other data from your backed up file. What’s more, you could even extract this data into a simple format. For instance, you could convert your contacts into a simple .csv/text/html file. Cool, ain’t it?

Now How ?? Well,If you are not technologically challenged then you might have noticed that Nokia PC Suite creates the back up file with the extension .NBU. These .NBU files can be restored to your phone later using the PC Suite itself. We need the same .nbu(Nokia Back Up) file to explore what it contains and to extract individual files from.

Step 1 : First Download Noki from : http://www.nokisoft.com/noki/ . Install it. Run it. It will open a window that looks like this :

Step 2 : Browse to the Location where the .nbu file is and open it. The Noki Explorer will analyse the file to find all the data binded in the .nbu file.

Step 3 : It will then open up a tree view Hierarchy Structure of the data binded in the .nbu file which you can view and extract partially (More info on this here : http://www.nokisoft.com/how-to.htm) . Additionally, the Noki-exported backup file can be easily imported into other applications (which include Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Firefox, IE and Nokia PC Suite

Noki supprots various nokia file formats including  .nbu, .nfb, .nfc, .cdb and .arc.

Also, You can smothly upgrade your PC Suite to new versions without worrying about the compatibility issue as  Noki takes care of the compatiblity of the different versions.

Note : Noki Explorer is not Freeware and i do not intend to urge you to buy it (USD 49.50 WTF????) . Its trial version is supposed to have limitations on the amount of files you can extract like 30 media files, 50 text messages, 50 phone book entries and so on but if you are looking to extract only a part of the data then i guess this limitation should be enough for you.

Rating : 8/10 ( Seriously USD 49.50 WTF?????)

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      November 28, 2012 at 4:44 pm

      Thanks. Freeware is great!

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