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TP Links : Send a Time Capsule to Your Future Self

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Scenario Contd. : You are sitting at your desk and have no work to do.

Solution Contd. : Here’s my second addition to the list of TP links : Sending a Time Capsule to your Future Self.

A time capsule is a letter you write to yourself to be opened in the future. The time capsule is a great tool to journal the direction your life is taking, as well as capture your current wisdom and memories. Did I mention that  it’s also a lot of fun?

To create a time capsule, write a letter just as you would to your best friend. All you need is to write it and set a target date to open it — say, five, ten or twenty years later.

Confused as to what to write  ??

Be conversational and friendly; have fun with it. Write about whatever you want to or would like your future self to implement in the future or reminding yourself of some resolution you took. Although the thing is that no matter how mundane/crazy/serious/funny your letter is i.e. no matter what you write in your letter, you’ll be amazed at its contents when you open it. It will be a pleasant surprise.

Here are a few specific suggestions to consider including:

  • Important questions and feelings.
  • Goals and aspirations.
  • Highlights of the year as fond memories.
  • Lessons learned and advice for yourself.

Here is an Example Letter :

Subject : did you follow your dreams? 30 years on?….

Dear FutureMe,

I hope you have followed all your dreams. I hope you have done all or at least some of it. You will have turned 35 years old on the very day you get this email. This email was sent on August 04, 2006, you were 20 years old when you wrote this.

– I hope you took that trip to Canada you always wanted to take, and maybe ended up living there for awhile like you said.

– I hope you visited the other countries you wanted to as well, especially the US and Mexico

– I hope you went overseas with your best friend and are still the best of friends with her, which I know you will be.

– I hope you got that job overseas you always wanted.

– I hope you got a great job, financial sercurity and a great house.

– I hope you married a nice guy and kept your promise that if you were to marry that it would be for good, and I hope you still dont believe in divorce

– I hope you got those 5 children you said you wanted to have. Don’t laugh, that was what you said you wanted at 20yrs old.

– Most of all I hope you learnt from your mistakes and continue to remember how precious time and life is. I hope you treated people well, stayed away from drugs and crime. Cherished and looked after your family, kept to your morals, been a good person, believed in yourself and the people closest to you.

While the idea of intentionally sending information to the future is not new, it’s a great fun way to provide yourself with valuable material for self-reflection. Get cracking and create one time capsule now. Your future self will thank you — guaranteed.

[Visit Futureme.org]

  1. Comeandgo
    February 20, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Nice Post……really like the mail….

  2. Missygirl
    March 2, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Nice site for tp, i like reading the mails written there…..too nice..

  3. K.C.
    March 18, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    just checked it out bro…its awesome!!!!

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