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TP : What Happened Today ??

Scenario : You are sitting at your desk and have no work to do.

Solution : The internet is a strange thing. If you are working and stumble onto an interesting on the web, you will definitely spend hours clicking on links forgetting your work, but if you are bored it is sometimes hard to get something interesting(It’s happened to me). So here i am creating a list of Various Websites that you can do TP on. Will add Gradually to it.

My first addition is : Searching what happened today in History ??

Googling it provided me links of which i am presenting the best 3 :

1. http://www.scopesys.com/today/ : This is a good collection but lacks a good stylesheet. The Info is there but it is a sore to the Eye. But still Interesting.

2. http://www.historyorb.com/today/ :  A good and Concise info on what happened today.

3. http://search.teach-nology.com/today/today2.pl :  This has the biggest source(I think) and quite Interesting.

This will get rid of my boredom for sometime. Won’t it be fun if one of this sites mentions your birthdate as an important Historical Event….;)

BTW, India became a Republic today. Happy Republic Day!!!!

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