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Going Further : Browsing Media Servers

It all began one day when i decided to host a giveaway of Kaspersky, from that we learned a lesson, didn’t we ?? No, Let me summarise then….

Lesson 1 : Whenever a web page contains some media content and you want to extract that content, Always look in the source of the page or do an inspection of the Element.

Now time for next Lesson..

As you know the link for the Song from my giveaway was this :


If you look closely at the link you will see that it is sort of an index( I am referring to 134917), like in a table of contents where 134917 will be the Unique identifier of the song. So there is a chance that the server is a host to various other songs too.

So we are going to tweak the URL a bit and try to see what we find. Modified URL :

http://rgmp3.s3.amazonaws.com/ (In technical terms, this will be the root folder of the Server)

And here’s what we see (Jackpot!!!!) :

(Click to Enlarge)

The page is a Table of Content of the various Songs hosted on the Server( Its probably the XML Index file). Lets take an e.g. of one of the indexes (The bold part are the Song index no and the song name which i have identified by comparing with our Russian song link) :

2009-05-09T13:19:16.000Z”e4be0876e1b146900ac29fbc305ef4f2″1658242STANDARD100001/Reaktivy – Boy s samim soboy.mp3

Now if we create a new URL using the bold part only, it will look something like below :

http://rgmp3.s3.amazonaws.com/100001/Reaktivy – Boy s samim soboy.mp3

and clicking on that will enable you to download that song. See how simple it is!!! You can try creating such url’s from the above index.

By the way what you are doing is simply directory browsing. And Interesting to note is that this is how most of the Underground Song Databases create their dbs via Data Scraping such song servers in the above explained manner.

See any Song that you like there ?? Let me know your comments. TC.

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