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My First Post…

It all began one fine day when Obin decided to start a blog, I wanted to join him but did not think i would be able to adhere to that commitment, what with deciding my life’s goals and finding order in the chaos that is life. But now i have been able to settle everything and reach decisions, so finally i will be able to share with u all my thoughts…..my view of things. I would really like to thank Obin for this chance

Now about my Posts, the things i am going to post about are something which i really enjoy pursuing as a past time, it  might be roughly classified under the category many ppl call “Hacking” or ” Cracking” or “ETC” but  mind you i do not view them as so. To me its just a way of looking at things….like when you open an electrical item to see how it works(I am sure many of you have done this)….Something akin to that i like to “Open up” or analyse softwares to understand their working, to find out what makes them tick and what doesn’t

It all started when i got conned by a keylogger, it captured the keystrokes for a particular transaction of mine and repeated it later. It was discovered a bit late, I lost the amount but now that i think of it, it was the best use of that money cus it inspired in me a feeling of helplessness and i decided to do something bout it…Of course Obin helped. It led me to study bout a lot of stuff that i would not have cared bout, but now i find this entire world so interesting that now i have developed that outlook and i would like to affirm that It is just a matter of how you view things….really deep meaning that sentence has…

Also in my Posts, i will not be following the Scenario – Solution model that Obin uses cos they will not be based on a particular Scenario but rather what i have learnt and am learning but but just like Obin has his signature ” Stay Sharp”, I will begin my posts with ” It all began One day when……” (Hey I’m allowed my eccentricities 😉 )

Anyways thats enough raving for today folks!!!! From next time we will embark on a journey in which i will help you develop a mindset which will, i am sure, change your outlook towards IT. So sit tight and keep reading and posting your feedback(They are really and truly appreciated!!!! 🙂 )

Spoiler Alert  : Watch out the next post for an awesome giveaway coming your way all set to make your new year happy…..:)

And ya…..MERRY CHRISTMAS to y’all.

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