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Some changes in the site…

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

No Scenario  today.

Guys, its been some time since i started blogging and i must say that i enjoy posting and more than that i enjoy reading the comments some of you have given( Thank you for the feedback!! :)).

Today i want to announce a couple of changes (for the good) that i am doing here. But first a little background….I had started blogging with the intention of creating a repository of the techniques i have learnt (a web-log) as well as to learn new things. Initially, i had wanted to post every other day but considering my permanent job and the temporary troubleshooting i do side by side, it started to become hard to follow that routine, it extended to one post per two days, then three and now every four days(I hope to keep that ) but even then its a bit tough sometimes and i often have to use up my reserve posts. It sometimes gets a bit hectic to manage all my commitments, so i found a solution to that…a co-author.

I would like to introduce to you, my new co-author : Latina9. She(Yes…SHE) will begin posting from the next post on this site. She had been wanting to be my co-author since some time now but had her own commitments to take care of. Finally she is joining me from today. While i like to post about small tips, tricks or do reviews, she will be posting on…..you know what….I will let her tell you what she would like to post about….I would like to thank her for joining me here. ( If we were currently on facebook, you would see Obin likes this 😀 ).

We will be posting alternately mostly but that wont be fixed, as soon as one of us has something interesting to post we will have it here.

And the second thing is that i am adding a new recommendations page. This would contain a list of softwares which are ideal for a particular scenario or the task you want to perform. The list will be of Freewares and/or open-source softwares. Of course, I will first review the software and then place it there(along with the download links) but it will be there for your reference. If you want a particular product reviewed or disagree with my certain recommendations do let me know. Also, If me or Latina9 make any software(Freeware obviously :)) as we will usually do, we will upload them here for your use.

This are just some of the changes i am implementing here, thought i would let you know. I am really excited about this entire development and cant wait for the entire thing to begin. Now the next post will be by Latina9 and what she intends to do here. Do let me know your thoughts and/or comments, if any.

Will post soon. Stay Sharp!!!!

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