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Protecting Your USB – retrospection or Summary…call it what you like…

General Scenario : You have had a look at many methods to protect your USB but find it a bit complex and confusing and dont know which methods to implement…

Solution : As always…dont worry...i’ll be there for you…I will give you a sketch of the measures that i had in effect for my PC(I say “had” because thats what i used in my XP system but now i’m on Win7 and don’t require much of them except few) and you can use it if you like it.

First of all, i had installed Panda USB Vaccine (Method 3) so that took care of auto run of viruses from my pen drive and from an external pen drive on my PC. The only problem i faced with that was that i could not implement Method 1 or Method 2 which i wanted to.

I also had USB Safely Remove installed because it not only resolves those “device is locked” scenarios but also because of an added less known feature – the ability to run scripts on connection and removal (This features are also available in Zentimo). I had modified its settings to run the enable write-protect script (Method 4) on connecting a new device and run the disable write-protect on removal. Also i used to keep the disable write-protect script on my desktop in case i want to copy some files to the PD (I still do!!!). On a related note, I hope all of you have made use of the Free Zentimo Lifetime License Promo.

Note : After reading this method you might feel that you can carry the scripts on your PD and running it when connecting it to external PC via autorun, there is a chance that it might not work and give you a false sense of security. And if it does work and then you might forget to run the disable script and  it will pose a problem to the external PC User…..however if that IS your intention, then full steam ahead 🙂

I troubleshoot people’s PC problems and hence carry a PD with a lot of portable and useful tools which i use to troubleshoot people’s infected PC. I would not be copying anything from their PC and would not want anything to write itself to my PD, so i use the ” fsutil trick” on my PD (Method 5).

Since i’m not using USB Safely Remove or Zentimo on my Win7, i have created a batch file to make sure that i do not encounter that “cannot safely remove hardware as it is currently in use” error (Method 7). Till now, i have not had to use it (Touch Wood!!!).

This constitutes my summary of Protecting Your USB….mind you that this was not only the arrangement that i used on my XP but also the customisations i currently do on the PC’s of clients for whom i do a fresh install of XP and it does work…..atleast for most of them…after all Stupidity has no cure  🙂  :P.

With this, i have covered most of the issues regarding protecting your USB….If i find more i will surely update this..I hope that you all found this useful…Post soon….Stay Sharp!!!

  1. dadum-dadum
    December 6, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Thank you for this…….too good….like it

  1. December 7, 2010 at 4:59 pm

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